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Rules English
Rules English



  • A Nickname can contain a maximum of 20 letters, including Spaces
  • Nicknames containing racist or facistic words are not allowed
  • The Board-team keeps the right to outlaw nicknames including pornographic or vulgar words and in hard cases to consor or change the Nickname of an user.

Threads and posts

  • We are a bilingual forum (german, french and italian), which means, you have to regards for everyone and respect everyone, who does not understand your language. Try to write in this language as the thread starts, if possible. Otherwise we do not laugh at each other, if he/she uses a translator for your language. If a thread contains two languages, both are allowed. This works also with three or more languages.
  • Remember to keep a kind way of speaking
  • Pay attention that you create the threads in the right Subforum, meaning the one fitting the subject of the thread.
  • In the threads one should pay attention that the discussion does not get too Off-Topic. If a discussion leads to a new subject, a new threads should be opened.
  • Avoid writing too many smilies and character stings, e.g. many exclamation marks after each other. Additionally a too large font size or too many colors in one post could be annoying and should be avoided.
  • Illegal contents are prohibited.
    • racism and facism in every form is forbidden. (Swiss Criminal law Art. 261).
    • Pornographic content is forbidden. This includes Rule 34 and Clopfics, except for the NSFW area (16+). (Swiss Criminal law Art. 197)
    • Excessive gore or glorification of violence is forbidden. (Swiss Criminal law Art. 135)
    • Those are not only refering to direct usage in the board but to direct linking of said material as well. (external links). In this case, said material has to be linked directly so nobody comes in contact with the NSFW Material. Oversight-sites with direct links to NSFW are not to be linked
    • The NSFW-Area can only be accessed if the user uses his User CP to requests a group membership or asks an admin. A user has to be over 16 for this area (Swiss Criminal law Art. 197) and an official identity card can be requested at any time.
  • Spam and Off-topic as well as meaningless or useless posts are prohibited.
    • Posts, using smileys only
    • One-word-posts and quotes without own statements.
    • Repeating of the own opinion in short time distances without introucing new topics for the discussion
    • Posthunting, meaning posting solely for the purpose of lifting the postcount.
    • Reposting a post (also of other users) without using the quote-function
    • absolutely senseless posts or threads with contents like "jdskbfal"
    • To keep up the quality of the board, the Board-Team keeps the right to remove senseless or niveau.less posts or threads
  • The postcounter is deactivted in the off-topic area, but it doesn't mean a white letter. It's only allowed to spam in those threads, where the author said it's allowed to
  • The trolling on the board or other services of the is not allowed. We understand humor and judge each case individually, e.g. if something is in the "Offtopic"-Subforum or if it is just a joke of a user who normally behaves properly. The word and the action "trolling" is generally very flexible and can describe everything from a little joke to lasting, harmful trolling. Serious trolling or trolling, which could be harmful or destructif for the forum or the community, is prohibited. Sheer trolling (e.g. registering only in order to carry out the named action) is not allowed and the forum team reserve the right to take action against it and to take measures against the trolling user.
  • Mass-deleting post-contents, by using the edit function to delete them or replace them by meaningless placeholder is not allowed.Single posts can be deleted by the board-team, if there is a good reason to it. You can contact a Mod or an Admin for this or report the post. By deleting post-contents can disturb or destroy whole threadgradients, if not even whole threads if there are starting posts involved. Such things are destroying the board and can lead to temporary bans
  • The publication of quotes, Screenshots or other documentaries out of Messengers (ICQ, MSN, Skype etc.), other chat-applications (private dialogues from IRC, TS etc.), private boards or private advertisements, is not allowed without the permission of both sides. Same goes for private messages (regarding this and other webbboard or webservices)
  • The creation of threads which are thematizing perma-banned user is not allowed. Already existing threads, thematizing later banned user, will be closed. To know more about the banned user, you can create a ticket in the support. Advertisement, glorification or positive imagery of perma-banned user in Avatars, Signatures, Userbars for this purpose are not allowed either
  • Editing or Removing Board-Team Edits is not allowed, without the permission of the responsible Team-Member.
  • Own Account

    • The Possession of a double- or multiple-account is not allowed.
      • It leads to a minimum of 20% warning level for the acutally owner of the user and a ban for the second account.
      • If the account is being used by an other user, it will be deleted. Except the user can show us a reason
      • If the account has been used to break other rules, beside the creating itself, then the most severe punishment according to the warning level is being transferred to the main account of the user, to which this double-account belongs but per broken rule a minimum of 20 points.
    • Animated graphics as an avatar or in signatures are allowed. Exceptions hereby are fast-blinking "epileptic-gifs" who are not allowed.


    • The maximal height of a signature is 500 pixel, counting from the upper pixel of the first row or graphic to the lowest pixel of the last row or graphic
    • There is a maximum of three graphics allowed in the signature
    • The board-team keeps the right to remove the signautre if the signautre causes long loading times of the site
    • A signautre, which contains rassistic, facistic content or if it's too big will be replaced through the replacing-signautre.


    • The main-organisator of the meet-up tells the rules of the meet-up
    • We also want the have a nice ambience outside from the forum, so we keep the right to warn user, who can't restrain themself. But this counts only in our (only Swissbronies-United) Meet-Ups
    • The organisator keeps the right to exclude people from the meet-up, who can't restrain themself

    My Little Pony Contents

    • Spoiler with material and contents of not yet broadcasted episodes of MLP:FiM are only allowed in the "Episodes" Subboard. As soon as the episodes are offically broadcasted, contents no longer count as spoiler.
      • The Board-Team can delete spoilers like those named and keeps the right to admonish or warn users for spoilering
      • Spoiler in avatars an signatures are not allowed either
      • If the user posts spoiler repeatedly and do not name it, the user will be warned
    • It's allowed to create a Thread for own or other websites or projects
      • It's allowed even if they have nothing to do with MLP:FiM
      • Advertisement in signatures or prfiles is allowed

    The Board-Team reserves the right to ban user temporarily, who won't follow these rules. The banned time will doubled, in case of repeat offenders. In exceptional cases, or heavy delicts, the board-team is allowed to ban an user permantely without a reason.

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